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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nearly a year later

I really am bad at this blogging. I keep telling myself to get into it, but at the end of the day I am so busy focusing on the next day task I completely forget. I am going to attempt to force myself to post every day or at least every couple of days.

Well, my little girls still hasn't been able to understand menstrual cycles and the class was a total bomb. With her JR. High starting next year I am meeting with the health team and the psychology team to see what can be done. It still seems as though no one has ever faced this problem before. No one talks about it, no on has any idea. This is beyond stupid. So I will post all information and problem solving about it here as I go (if I can be a good little blogger and remember lol)

The first thing I have realized is I need to keep the explanation simple and I know that I am more afraid of how she will handle this then she will be when the time comes. I am lucky that my little girl has an older sister that has just hit her MC and I can use that to let Savannah get used to the idea and learn that it's normal.

As for explaining it. A friend made a really good suggestion. Tell her it's her body cleaning itself out. Because if you simplify the whole process, that's what it is. The body is cleaning out the extra blood it stored up to create a baby. Now if I add in that baby part, Savannah will believe that she is having a baby every month. Not good. So I will leave that out for now until she is older.

So for those of you looking for ideas. Introduce your daughter to it by not hiding your cycles from her. I know we do as a rule, but this isn't a time to coy, your Autistic child needs to understand and conventional ways may not work. I don't mean to get discusting with it, use common sense. Then when the questions start or even before they start, use the cleaning explanation if you are without one.

Let me know how it goes and if anyone has any other ideas that worked for them. (okay I have like 1 follower, but I'm trying. lol

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