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Friday, June 10, 2011


After 11 years of way to many emotions to list and a whirlwind of chaos, Savannah has graduated Grade school and at the top her Special Ed class. She has gone from someone who would never talk, to speaking clearly and focused. I have been blessed with having the best teacher I have ever come across, spending the last two years dedicating each day to my daughters success. I can never express enough my gratitude to Holly for her amazing teaching. To all the people that have worked with me side by side for years to get my daughter to this point.

My daughter said it very well at her graduation speech. "I'm ready to shoot for the stars." She already has. Later she looked me in the eye and said "Don't worry mommy, everything is going to be okay." I cried.

A Teachers Gift (for Holly)

You turned a frown into a smile.
You taught the lame to walk a mile.
You gave the voiceless the wonder of words.
The silent were heard.
You gave the lost, direction.
You showed the timid the power of affection.
You replaced tears with wonders glisten.
The deaf began to listen.
You tamed the wild.
You brought out the brightness of a child.
You showed them how to cope.
The despondent were given hope.
When the day comes and the Lord asks you,

"What did you do right?"
Say with a warm sigh;
"I taught your angel how to fly."

Most importantly, To my heavenly Father who has walked with me, carried me, taught me, and put up with all my mistakes yet still managed to see something good enough in me to bless me with not one but three of his angels...Thank you again with all my soul for this miracle. I love you.

To those who are still struggling with getting through those early years, there is hope, there is a light and as my daughter says "Everything is going to be okay." just keep believing, keep strong, keep fighting and don't let anyone tell you that your child cannot do it. When they start talking about what your baby can't do, stop them and tell them what your child CAN and WILL do.

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