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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Daily Routines for the Autism Home

Establishing a routine at home can be difficult especially when there is more than one child in the home. In my home I have three daughters only one of which has Autism. Setting a routine was not an easy task. I felt it unfair to set the other children to the same routine as my other daughter, so…I didn’t. Instead when I wrote out the schedule and routine for my daughter with Autism I made sure to write her name at the top of the schedule with a picture of her pasted next to it so she understood it was for her as opposed to her sister as well.


Autistic children have a tenancy to respond better to visual communication as opposed to verbal. Thus pictures depicting certain actions can be a lifesaver. These pictures are better known as PECS. Picture Exchange Communication System

PECS can be essential in creating a routine. PECS can be found free online and easily printed out. Many of the ones I have in my home are self-drawn with a pen and paper.

Make a routine list. Write down each thing you want your child to do throughout the day. I have found that including the time is not always a good idea for the simple reason that you never know if you will be able to adhere to a strict time. The order of the events is what is most important. Example.

Brush teeth
Write ABC’s
Play outside

Beside each activity place a corresponding image from the PECS and paste next to the written activity. When you and your child change from one activity to another, point to the picture and say the name of the activity at the same time.

Transitioning Tasks:

It usually takes the mind of a child with Autism a couple of minutes to process new information and possibly longer. Therefore you should remind the child a couple of minutes before you change activities. A simple verbal reminder, making sure to engage eye contact may help in the ease of transitioning from one task to another.

After a while your child will be accustom to the routine you have laid out and start initiating that routine on their own. If you need to change your routine do so slowly with one activity at time making sure to allow for a proper adjustment period depending on your own child’s abilities to handle change.
You will be amazed at how a daily routine will improve the behavior of your child and reduce the outburst that Autism Children are prone to having.

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